Mission For Matt

In 2006, I did what they call a live liver transplant to my brother.

My brother Matt was sick for a very long time. For over a decade he battled stages of liver disease.

He wasn’t “sick enough” for a traditional cadaver transplant, but we were told of this live liver transplant surgery that he would be a candidate for.

It started with simple blood work, then other tests until finally everything lined up and I could donate to him.

After the transplant, Matt ended up with 9 more years of life. He passed in March of 2015 after the liver disease returned.

In that time, he was able to meet numerous people, and impact their lives. Most importantly, he was able to meet, (and spoil) 2 nieces (Makayla and Kylie) and a nephew (Jacob), and meet a wonderful woman (Zann), and eventually marry her in September 2014.

Our efforts to bring Donate life licenses plates to Maine is in memory.
Organ donation, live donors, or deceased have an immeasurable impact.

Thanks for joining the movement. Please reach out to us with any questions or to share your story of either organ donation, or why you have decided to be an organ donor

– Mike Shaw