Why $26.06 online? Thought it was $25?

By using PayPal we can make ordering easier for you and us. That being said, PayPal charges us a fee to use their service. Since the Secretary of State Office needs the $25.00 per plate, we have to charge the fee.

Can I mail a check?

Yes! If you choose you can mail a check to:

Maine Donate Life Plate
756 Loggin Rd
Frankfort, ME 04438

Where does the money go for each plate?

The State of Maine requires a $25 fee per plate to begin production.  Annually, with your registration you will pay $15.00. First, the State of Maine takes $5.00. The other $10.00 gets donated to Donate Life New England. They work with Maine hospitals to help with things such as education and patient outreach. Check out http://www.donatelifenewengland.org for more info

Can I keep my current vanity plate?

The short answer, maybe. Recently the Secretary of State Office has begun phasing out “duplicate” plate numbers. It used to be you could have the same vanity plate under different plate types (regular plate, lobster plate etc…) So example, plate “example” can only be used by one person on any one of the plate designs.

Can I get this in a handicapped plate?

No. You would have to have a hanging placard on your car. The symbol is not available on our plates (we lobbied unsuccessfully)

Are vanity plates available?

Yes they are! Limited to 6 numbers/letters, and can not be a duplicate on any other style plate. Check https://www1.maine.gov/online/bmv/vanity/ for availability

How do I get my plate?

You would receive a voucher. The voucher would have an expiration date. You would be able to switch plates at any time as long as the voucher was not expired more than a week.

Can I get a refund?

Refunds will only be offered IF we do not reach the 2,000 plate order requirement. Refunds would be mailed via check to mailing address listed on order form. May take 2-4 weeks for processing.

All questions should be emailed to mainedonatelifeplate@gmail.com BEFORE ordering.